It's Gold.

Your Own Gold Business-in-a-Box...

With the click of a button, my RJ Gold Software builds out a Done-For-You, expertly designed GOLD website, allowing you to sell precious metals and generate tons of leads, complete with YOUR OWN full-time, expertly trained Inc 500 telephone sales team, automated emails, and follow-up sequences - all built right in.

RJ Gold is like owning your own gold company without the headache of having an office space, employees, suppliers, phone calls, paperwork, regulations, certifications, or expensive inventory.

You get paid for EVERY person who enters their name, email and phone number on your site - whether they end up buying gold or not.

You get paid AGAIN when that person makes a purchase.

Your new Gold website is already a proven winner...

Because your site has been rigorously tested by our expert marketing team, to maximize sales.

At the same time it is completely customizable.

With one mouse click, you can rebuild your entire site, or just part of the site.

Don't like a sentence or the color of something? Click a button to change it.

Don't like the layout? Click a button to instantly change it.

Want different images or videos on your site? Click a button to instantly change them.

Not only is your site ready to go right out of the gate, we show you EXACTLY how to get traffic to your gold website, and you can even COPY our own ads.


If too many people get a hold of this, there will be too much competition.

So once we hit 100 users, I am closing this program down.

If you see the buttons below greyed-out or marked "unavailable", that means we have hit our 100 person capacity, and you will need to check back another time.



Not only do you get a Gold business in a box...

You also get:

Pyong Kim - the top selling gold & silver affiliate in the world - will guide you.

Pyong has used ads on Google and Bing to refer over $25 million in gold sales.

This has earned him over $750,000 in commissions, as well as another $300,000 from leads & referrals.

Simple math says that is over $1 million dollars in his pocket.

Pyong is your mentor for RJ Gold.

You get 1 on 1 access to him on his private, personal Skype, as well as his personal email (the same gmail account his friends & family use to reach him).

AND... you get access to his video training modules, detailing in great detail everything he has learned while earning over $1 million dollars in commissions selling gold.

This Includes:
2 ads that generated over $32,363.00 during a holiday weekend, on autopilot. (You're welcome)
5 keywords that consistently generate revenue without having to sit a your computer all day.
How to block competitors from clicking your ads (miss this and you could go broke fast)
Profitable retargeting campaigns (the way most people do it is all wrong)

This is not available to the public, but I will let existing Rich Jerk members in at $997.00

I only want those who are serious, and who will not waste Pyong's time.

But... there is one other option...


While I HIGHLY recommend Pyong's 1 on 1 help on Skype...

If you are confident in your ability to follow the video training without needing personal attention from Pyong - you can save yourself $700 - money that can be used to advertise your site.

You can opt-out of getting Pyong's help via Skype, but still get your hands on the FULL RJ Gold system, software and video training - at only $297.

So What's It Gonna Be?

A. RJ Gold Software, Videos, and Skype Coaching


RJ Gold Software

B. RJ Gold Software & Videos Only (no skype coaching)


RJ Gold Basic